Sex Dolls and their Asian Lovers

Why hire an escort when you can pay $3,000 up front and have your own sex doll for life (or until she falls apart)? According to 2015 article in Vice, Chinese men are buying sex dolls the most. The appeal of sex dolls is perfect for those who cannot interact with the human race or get it up for another human. The Chinese work ethic is like that of the Japanese work ethic. Cram as many hours of work into your week as possible. What’s a single lonely man to do?

You’re too tired to chat it up with a real human or if you interact with real humans in your eight plus hour work day, you want quiet alone time but you also want sex. This is where the sex doll comes in perfectly. She doesn’t talk so you still have your quiet time and though she’s there, you are essentially alone.

But sex with the more expensive dolls isn’t always about sex. It’s about the connection (even to an inanimate object). If you desire to take care of someone but have no one or are too scared to venture out and meet someone, then a sex doll will nurture this desire as you can bathe and wash your doll like you would for your loved one.

Some use it as an alternative to cheating on their wife while others use the dolls for a darker reason, rather than risking the abuse or harm to human. They use the sex dolls to channel this festering energy as a sex doll won’t resist you and you do whatever you want. You can’t force or do whatever you want to a human.

Whatever the reason may be, you can have a sex doll custom made to your liking and if you’re an Asian man looking to bed a tanned blonde buxom looking Barbie doll, well you can.

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